• Simba SL

Simba SL

Model Numbers

SL 400, SL 500, SL 600, SL 700

Product Description

Built around proven, innovative components mounted on a central chassis, Great Plains Simba SL cultivators are capable of carrying out a number of operations in a single pass.

With working widths of 4, 5, 6 and 6.7 metres respectively, the SL 400, 500, 600 and 700 models feature a Disc Tine Disc (DTD) configuration. Comprising a single row of Pro-Active disc units fited with either notched or SoilRazor disc blades followed by two rows of ST tines or LD (Low Disturbance) tines, another set of discs and a rear roller, this versatile machine really gets the job done. There are five rear rollers to choose from on SL 400, 500 and 600 models. These include the DDL 600 Roller (with 150mm or 200mm spacing), the Maxlift Roller, the ‘V’ Roller or the HD Roller. SL 700 models are equipped with the DD 700 Roller as standard. All rollers feature 'sealed-for-life' non-grease bearings.

The design of these cultivators ensures that they can work at shallow depths with the discs and deeper depths with loosening tines as two distinct operations within the machine. This is a different concept to some other machines that operate on a twin-pass principle, where deeper working tines, for example, have to supplement the working operation of discs. This can result in a compromise where clods are boiled to the surface, reducing seedbed quality. With the SL, the key design benefit of the tine is to give a complete shatter of the soil profile at depth without bringing clods and subsoil to the surface.

Field settings are quick and easy to adjust allowing the SL to cope with various soil types, conditions and residue levels.

The end result is a fine, level seedbed of the highest quality.

Specification Choices

  • Choice of shearbolt or sprung tine protection
  • Low Disturbance (LD) or ST tines
  • Choice of notched or SoilRazor disc blades
  • Choice of rollers on 4m, 5m and 6m models - DD700 standard on 6.7m model
  • Available with 8-outlet Small Seed Applicator (when this is specified a Following Harrow is also available) -  ideal for OSR and companion crop establishment
  • Brake options
  • Drawbar or linkage pull (4m, 5m and 6m models)


Product Features

Two Gangs of Pro-Active Discs

Two rows of 500mm or 600mm (7m model) Pro-Active discs, one ahead of the tines and one behind, chop and incorporate the surface trash. Spaced at 250mm, the discs give improved contour following and excellent stone protection.

Rear Roller Choices

The SL400, 500 and 600 models are available with the Maxlift (ML) roller, V roller, HD roller or DDL600 roller. The SL700 is fitted as standard with the 700mm DD700 roller.

Pro-Edge Point

Specially designed for the ST tine, the innovative Pro-Edge point lasts up to 50% longer than other ST points and offers substantial whole life cost savings per hectare. Quick and easy to fit and remove.

Optional LD Tines

This highly effective leg performs considerable cultivation and soil restructuring at depth in the root zone without disturbing or inverting any weathered tilth from the surface.

Innovatively Designed ST Tines

Between 10 and 16 Shallow Tines (ST) are arranged over two rows. The design of the tine ensures a complete shatter of the soil profile at depth, without bringing clods and subsoil to the surface. ST Tines are optionally available as Bolt-On units or with the further option of Shearbolt protection.

Easy Disc Angle Adjustment

Fully adjustable disc angling enables you to vary how aggressively the soil is worked. Select an acute angle for maximum mixing of stubble in one pass and a shallower angle to chop down ploughing when required.

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