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Located in Sleaford in the UK, Great Plains UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Plains Mfg., Inc based in Salina, Kansas, USA and is the latest addition to the company’s International division.
The acquisition of Simba International by Great Plains in April 2010 brought together the product innovation, expertise, experience and knowledge of two of the world's leading brands in tillage and drilling equipment.

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As with most things in life, the key to a successful harvest is good preparation. It’s important to manage the soil profile so as to eliminate compaction as far as possible and to maximise the efficient uptake of moisture and nutrients by root systems. The preparation of a fine, level, weatherproof seedbed is also crucial. Whether you operate a conventional tillage or reduced tillage regime, the Great Plains Simba range offers a wide variety of innovative soil loosening, cultivation and consolidation equipment to suit different soil types and operating practices including proven one-pass systems designed to save you time and money.

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Consistent seed spacing and seed depth together with good seed-to-soil contact are vital in your drive to maximise yields. The Great Plains range of seed drills brings together a choice of machines that are designed and built around these fundamental principles. Our range of cultivator and air drills individually combine innovative features, field-proven technology and outstanding build quality to offer first-class seeding solutions in min-till and plough-based establishment systems as well as direct drilling regimes.

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The accuracy and dependability of the planter is critical to the success of your operation. The planter must be able to precisely place the seed in widely varying residue and soil types, often across hundreds of acres in a single day. Here too, consistency in achieving the optimum seed spacing and seed depth as well as good seed-to-soil contact without sidewall compaction are essential ingredients in maximizing your yields. Every Great Plains Yield-Pro® Planter incorporates all of the key features that enable you to produce outstanding yields season-after-season.

Harvest doesn’t start when you enter the field with your combine. Harvest starts when it leaves! Great Plains makes all the quality tillage, seeding and planting equipment you need to get your harvest off to the best possible start and ultimately to maximise your yields.

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